Flirty Apron

I don't own a single apron! At least, I didn't own one before I made this one...

I made this cute apron from some fabric I had leftover from my daughters baby bag (that I never finished).

I followed "The Flirty Apron" tutorial from The Dating Divas.

I have never done ruffles before and a made numerous mistakes. Thankfully I now know what those mistakes were and how to avoid them next time! It wasn't too hard to make and only took about two hours. It would have only been about an hour if I hadn't made a HUGE mistake and didn't have to pick an entire section of stitching.

DO NOT sew the bottom ruffles on like this...

Or you will end up wasting time doing this...


  1. That is the cutest little apron I've ever seen!!

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  2. Hi there! I'm Hanna. I found you through Tuesday's blog hop, I'm just really late:) I love making new friends!!! I am your newest follower via GFC. Happy Holidays! You can find me at

    xooxo Hanna

    It's lovely, wish I could sew

  3. That is a very cute apron. I have a few cute aprons but that's the problem...I don't want to get them dirty LOL

    Zefaniya- Follow me #9


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