A Pretty Christmas Card Display

Usually I just tape the cards I receive for Christmas to the wall or the back of the door.

I have this message board in my living room, it has bills, schedules, monthly calendars, reminders, etc. This board is on the same side that my Christmas tree and most of my decorations is on and it looked really ugly.



All  you need is some tissue paper, two sided tape, and ribbon.

This is only temporary, after Christmas it will turn back into my message center. Next year I will probably buy another board and make a -much nicer- permanent one. 


  1. Very pretty and creative!

    IzzyStardust from Swap-bot Follow Me #9

  2. Love the card dispays! Merrcy Christmas. Denise from swap-bot

  3. it's cool!! I also have a message board in my room where I attach all my favorite cards. Yours look a lot better though, you've decorated the board so well!
    Jungpo follow me 9

  4. Cute and very organized too.

    Katrina Alana FM#9

  5. Cool! Your house is nicely decorated! Love it! Wish I have my own house so I can do project like yours!

    -- cfchai (Follow me #9)


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