Current Crush: Kindle Touch

My hubby got me the Kindle Touch for Christmas and truthfully up until about two months I didn't really use it. Now it goes everywhere with me. I got this nifty case this week for it. It's got a light that pops out on top so I can read in low light. (the lack of a back light on the kindle touch itself is my only complaint.) I LOVE this thing! Its so convenient to be able to have the books I am reading in a compact device that fits in my purse. Plus, my two year old can't destroy my books.

This is my book case. I read a lot. I have a lot of books. These aren't even all of them.

My middle shelf even has a row of books stacked on top of each other behind another row of books. The ones in the back are Manga (Japanese comics) by the way. I sort of had an obsession with them when I was in High school.

And a small section in the middle of the bottom shelf for my kid's books. I will eventually buy a small shelf just for their books. A few Baby Einstein books, lots of Tag Jr. books, and few others. There was 5 or 6 more at one point, my my son and his cousin destroyed them. RIP Baby board books, lol.

And once he seen me taking pictures, he decided he had to jump in front of the camera so the world could see his "just rolled out of bed" look. Yes, he is very skinny. No, I don't starve him. He is just VERY active.

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