I didn't forget to post...

...I just haven't had the time to!

Christmas was so busy! I barely was able to keep my head on straight. I also had a lot of run arounds with my school. I finally started my first semester of college (yay me!) and it has been an adjustment. Trying to balance my kids, school, and finding time to go to the gym has been hectic these last three weeks. I am starting to find a groove that is working for me and I am figuring out when and where I can take some "me time" and just do what I want to do. I will have more to post soon, tons of swaps from Christmas and some giveaway loot too!

For now, here are a few pictures from my Christmas...

Wrapping last minute gifts on the drive to my Grandmother's house! 
 Yes, I tied the role of tape to the car... Made it so much easier!

And the goodies... SO MANY GOODIES! My SO's brother's girlfriend and I spent an entire day baking...

My Little Angel at Church...

I Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well...


  1. BY FAR one of the mostly loveliest blog posts every!!! I love xmas as its my fave season! It seems you had a great xmas!!! I'm glad i followed!!

    Ichigoshortcake from swap bot now following! xx

  2. Your tree is so cool!! What's in that enormous silver present?? I'm so nosy hehe!! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas with the little ones :)
    Tara x

  3. Hi Jessica
    Oh my goodness and I can’t believe you baked all that. I thought I’d been quite productive but compared to you I had a walk in the park! All those cookies & cakes – Just how many were you catering for. Well done you! Your Swapbot partner MummySew http://mummysew.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. WOw that is a lot of baked goods.. made me crave some cookies now.. :)
    Your blog is really amazing and cute!! I have enjoyed looking through a few posts.

    QUICK Follow my Blog swap! #1

  5. Your tree looks so gorgeous and look at all the presents! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

    Katrina Alana

  6. Such lovely photos, looks like you had a great Christmas!

    yannak from swapbot



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