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I was planning on having my crafting blog and random family blog separate. My crafting blog was associated with another email address and it got to be too much of a hassle to keep logging in and out between the two. Also as a friend of mine pointed out, my family blog name was weird, I meant it to be read as "Swather-Mommy", but she (and others) read it as "Swat-Her-Mommy". So I have combined the two together here and imported a few posts from the craft blog.

BentoForKidlet Bento Accessory Giveaway! is having a Bento Accessory Giveaway with two products from You can win a set of cutesy face cutters and a set of adorable baran pictured below.

I have a VERY picky two year old who refuses to eat almost everything. I have been looking at bento lunch ideas to see if maybe I can get him to eat some different foods if they look "fun" to him.  These face cutters were actually added to my wishlist before I stumbled upon Bento for Kidlet's blog today. Check out her blog, she has some really cute lunches there!

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